Small Business Ideas With Big Potential

Economy Got You Down?

It's time to take matters into your own hands. It's time to start a small business. But not just any business. You need one that will build wealth, not tax your health. Here are 57 ideas to get you started, and by the time you are done, you'll probably be able to think of 57 more.

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Start a Small Business and Save Your Life

Table of Contents for the Ebook:


Business Ideas…
Section 1:  If You Only Have a Computer
Section 2: If You Know How to Drive
Section 3: If You Have Land
Section 4: If You Have Business/Office Space
Section 5: If You are Willing to Go Back to School

The Big Idea

 There has never been a better time to start your own business.  I know, I know.  The economy is in a slump, and the odds are that the reason why you are reading this at all is because you are one of the millions that have been unable to find a decent job.  Given that, you may be skeptical about the idea that this is a good time to start a business.  So I’ll go further:  there has never been a better time.  Hear me out.

But let me put it this way, first:  the mere fact that there are scarce jobs available, and you can’t land one of them,  means that you have a few choices in front of you.  First of all, you could starve to death.  This an option that stretches back to antiquity, but if you’re the person I take you to be, you’d rather not pursue it.  The next option is that you could rely on government assistance.  But you’ve probably read the writing on the wall and know that the country is in as bad a shape as you are.  The next option is to continue to do little odd jobs to tide you over while you search for something that will let you keep your house, put food on the table, and restore your pride.

Option four:  blaze your own path.

Starting a new business venture has always been risky.  If you had a nice paying job before but had an interest in striking out on your own, you could talk yourself out of making the attempt based on the reasonable argument that it would be irresponsible to stake your financial security on a dream.  But now that you haven’t a job, you already are experiencing the consequences that might follow from an entrepreneurial failure, so you really haven’t anything to lose, do you?

If you do have a motley collection of odd jobs keeping you afloat at present, you may have more to lose, but I’m guessing it still isn’t that much.  And even if you currently have a career, the simple fact that you’re reading this suggests to me that you don’t feel very secure in it.

The collapse of the economy means you haven’t any excuse for trying out some new ideas.  It also means there will be less resistance from friends and loved ones.  When careers were so plentiful that they hung heavy from the branches, striking out on your own would have been—or seemed to have been—irresponsible.  We all know people who think that any reliable job, even if it paid a pittance, is preferable to the uncertainty of starting your own business.  These days, even these folks are looking at options, because even poorly paying reliable jobs are rare!

The real opportunity is this:  you are face to face with the chance to build something that will outlast you, something that creates wealth, even while you are sleeping.  Prior to this point, you traded hours of your lives for dollars and had nothing to show for it except those dollars.  It made sense when the dollars were plentiful, but now that they are not, the wisdom of building a society—and your life—on the premise that it is ‘responsible’ to spend your life making other people money seems now to be a little questionable, at best.

In this Ebook, I’ll give you 57 ideas that will allow you to blaze your own path, without burning yourself out.